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Experienced Homeschool Moms Give Their Best Advice on Homeschooling

When we started homeschooling 3 years ago, I felt clueless. Besides knowing we wanted to homeschool, I knew nothing about curriculums, co-ops or teaching. Seeking advice from more experienced homeschool moms saved me. I got some of the best advice on homeschooling from other homeschooling moms I met throughout the year. Their encouragement and tips made a huge difference to me. So the good news is, I now feel…less clueless. ha!

If you are a new homeschool mom I want to encourage and support you in any way I can. One way I can do that is to pull together some advice from other homeschool moms! If you have specific questions, always feel free to leave a comment or email me!

Best Homeschool Advice from
7 Experienced Homeschool Moms

homeschool advice

Myra Johnson
A Heart Full of Joy

Embrace the opportunity for growth that homeschool brings – not just for your kids, but for you! If anyone had told me how much I was going to grow through homeschooling my kids, I wouldn’t have believed them. So, I would encourage you as a new homeschool mom to welcome this grand adventure. Your kids are gonna love it, and so are you! Yes, it will be hard at times, but anything truly worthwhile always is!

homeschool advice

Jennifer Elia
Sound Foundations Homeschool

When you first begin homeschooling, you have great intentions. You want to do everything perfectly and be the best homeschool mom ever. You spend hours planning your day and year, and you know exactly how you want every minute to go. However, this is real life, not a story book and plans don’t always work the way you hoped. Also, you have so many other things to juggle, like the house, activities, feeding the kids, and possibly a job or business. How are you supposed to do it all? The answer is that you aren’t. Homeschool moms don’t have any secret super power, so please do not buy into the myth that you have to do it all. As a homeschool parent, your job is to advocate for and facilitate your child’s education. The greatest thing you can do for your homeschool is find a way to “outsource” teaching, and train your children to be self-directed learners. Homeschooling should be a part of your lifestyle, not another plate to keep spinning. Sure it will still be work, but you should never feel like you are solely responsible for every single minute of learning for your child. Education is a journey, not a race. Lay a good foundation of independence and you will not only have the time to keep up with the rest of your life, but also raise highly productive, and well educated children.

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homeschool advice

Lindsay Leiviska
A Heart for All Students

To the sweet momma who is beginning the homeschool journey. You’ve got this!!! As an educator for over twenty years with my Masters degree in Teaching, my heart for the kids that learn differently has grown exponentially. Not all children learn the same way. This means that your curriculum needs to work for you and your child. Use it as a tool that you own. It does not own you. If it is causing stress and tears, take a break from it, reduce the number of problems, or look at alternatives. Focus your efforts on reading, writing and math during the elementary years. There is nothing your child cannot learn once these areas are mastered. Allow your child to have a say in the books you read together. The high motivation of a student is one of the most effective learning tools available to you. One last crucial piece of advice I’d like to offer if your child is struggling with schoolwork. Whether that struggle is purely academic or if your child is melting down and resistant to school time, remember this: LESS IS MORE. Consistent short lessons over time will yield incredible gains in your child’s education. Don’t make the mistake of forcing long lessons that only cause stress. If your child is miserable and stressed, nothing you teach them will stick anyway. Lessening the load will reduce anxiety and allow them to actually process and retain information. Best of luck, Sweet Mom Friend!!

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Charlene Hess
Hess Un-Academy

If I had to pick just ONE piece of homeschooling advice, I would say “Remember your why.” When you’re trying to decide how to set up and organize your homeschool and you’re getting frustrated and overwhelmed – remember your why. When you’re telling your friends and family about your decision to homeschool, and they’re telling you you’re crazy or you’re stupid or you’re unqualified to do this – remember your why. When you’re comparing yourself to all the other homeschool ‘experts’ out there (disclaimer – none of us are experts: we’ve just made more mistakes) and you’re feeling badly because everybody else does it ‘better than you’ (hint – different is not necessarily better) REMEMBER YOUR WHY!! Why did you decide to homeschool your kids? What is your goal? What do you hope to accomplish in your home and in your family? Keeping your why at the forefront of your mind will keep you strong when things get tough.

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Terri Hedrick
Homeschool in Florida

As a long-time working/homeschooling mom who also is a homeschool consultant, this topic is near and dear to my heart and is one that I talk about with homeschooling moms (and dads) quite frequently. 
I’m going to give some two-sided advice about working and homeschooling simultaneously. On one hand, I always encourage my working/homeschooling clients to be gentle with themselves. Sometimes we can’t stick to the plan; life happens. Sometimes it’s our work that has to fall by the wayside, sometimes it’s our homeschooling plans. It’s okay. But be diligent in starting again. Work on DISCIPLINE. Be disciplined in the schedule that you keep and stick to it! I have found that this is very nearly the single most important virtue to perfect. Discipline is not only important for us, but it is such an important skill to teach our children as it’s something that we can instill in them that will have a lasting effect on their character. 

Michelle Huddleston

Michelle Huddleston
Huddleston Academy Live Academics

I’ve been homeschooling going on six years and I for one will not sugar coat and tell you that it will get easier. That’s why the single best piece of advice I can give you is to homeschool YOUR way. It doesn’t matter what this way looks like to misunderstood family, iffy friends, or even to other homeschooling moms. What matters most is that you are walking unapologetically authentic in your call to home educate your children. If I may add to that tip, don’t stress about trying to fit your homeschool into one style, one method, one curriculum, or one group. Take a bit from everything and come up with your own style! Make it unique to your family by slapping your last name on it. When someone asks me, “What style or method of homeschooling do you do (or practice)?” I say, “The Huddleston style!” That gives me the opportunity to explain that my homeschool is just as eclectic as each member of my family – and there are six of us!
Remember, homeschooling is not who you are, it’s a part of the overall lifestyle that your family lives. Enjoy it, embrace it, and learn to always do it your way!

LM Preston

LM Preston
Homeschooling and Working While Raising Amazing Learners

Take the time to just enjoy being with your child and rebuilding their acceptance of home as their place of discovery and joy. Playing with your child is the best gift we can give them and using playing for learning can be done for so many subjects. Learn to own your flexibility in homeschooling without beating yourself up on things you think you should be doing, just make sure the foundation courses are reinforced with one on one time and everything else, well, use creativity in grooming an independent learner by asking your child what they want to explore, how they want to learn, and what is working. They are on this journey with you and are an amazing resource. 

I hope you’ve found this advice on homeschooling helpful! I’m going to leave you with some simple advice from way back: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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